No Shave November Gift Set

You love your beard right? Good. He loves you too.

Treat the beard to the best hand-crafted, 100% organic beard care available!

Each gift set includes a 'Stache Shaper, Premium Beard Oil, and Dream Beard


'Stache Shaper

A lightly scented Mustache Shaper is perfect for all of your Mouth-y experiences. We envisioned this to be something that you keep in your pocket and use as needed. Before lunch, before locking lips, before you inhale your 'stache. No curling, just a light hold to keep it above your lip.


Premium Beard Oil

Our Beard Oils are hand blended with 100% Organic oils to keep that beard super healthy and looking good. Carried with light weight oils, our blend don't leave a greasy look and won't weigh that face-art down. Each of our oils are packed full of essential oils, each with a specific benefit to you skin and beard.


Dream Beard (Overnight Beard Treatment) 

We all need sleep. But why not get something done while you're doing it? This product was made for the times when your beard goes through some rough times. Sawdust fights, hot wind tunnels, or those days when everyone just wants to give it a tug...

Meticulously crafted with the only 100% organic ingredients. Blended to work while you sleep having you wake up with a softer, more touchable beard.


Gifting this?

Each set comes packaged in a ready-to-gift box. The only thing you need to do is put a bow on it. (p.s. Skip the bow)