The Bearded Man's Gift Guide

Bearded men have specific tastes. They like new obscure things that make their experience in life unique and more fun. We have compiled a list of 10 gift ideas for the bearded man in your life and we know that all of these gifts will make a very happy man come gift giving season!



1. A Cocktail Kit for the Traveler

Cocktail Kit - White Spade Beard

Flying isn't fun. But with this Cocktail Kit from W&P Design making a solid drink is easy



2. Monthly Meat Subscription

Meat subscription - White Spade Beard

Men & Meat = PB & J. They go together so well. Carnivore Club gives this gift monthly.



3. Beard Oil

Beard Oil is a necessity for a perfect beard. Get the good stuff here.



4. Canvas Overnight Bag

Canvas Overnight Bag - White Spade Beard

A guy shouldn't be traveling with a gym bag. Upgrade to a Canvas Overnight by PiMP



5. Premium Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans Nomad Roasters - White Spade Beard

Starting your day good coffee leads to better days. Nomad Roasters take care of that!



6. Beard Combs

Kent Beard Combs - White Spade Beard

Scraggly beards need taming. And using your girl's comb is a no-no. Get this unbreakable comb here.


7. Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones - White Spade Beard

Watered down Whiskey sucks. Protect yourself with these Whiskey Stones



8. Custom Coasters

Coasters - White Spade Beard

Rings on the $400 table don't make anyone happy. Get these sweet COAST-ers

9. Monthly Booze Box

Monthly Booze Box - White Spade Beard

Keep that guy happy...and buzzed. Fine liquor delivered to your door here

10. Cigar Samper Box

Cigars - White Spade Beard

Every man enjoys a nice Cigar. A sample box is a perfect gift



Of course every bearded man NEEDS beard care supplies. White Spade Beard Focuses on making the best tried-and-true, great smelling, benefit packed beard oils promised to make the beard in your life the best beard out there. Pick up a set of oils and reap the benefits.

Nick Sky
Nick Sky


Nick is the founder and Head Beard at White Spade Beard

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November 10, 2015

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