At your throat. Razors, trimmers and creams.


Keeping a beard doesn't mean never seeing a razor again. Maintaining that beard is what makes a good beard great, and knowing what you're doing is really helpful. 


The straight razor, a man's sharpest friend

Ok, so there's 2 blades. 4 blades and a "conditioning" strip. 5 blades, a "conditioning" strip, a "precision" blade and a roller ball hinge??

The Gillette's of the world keep spending money on innovations that are not required and no one asked for. The straight razor is the closest shave you'll ever get and is the only thing to use when straightening up that beard. 

Using a straight razor to line up your beard's edges is best practice for all men. Going to a good barbershop is ideal but when that is not possible home care is possible. It takes a bit of getting used to and you're bound to nick yourself a couple of times but here are some pointers:

  1. Lather up with a non-foaming shave butter
  2. Keep the razor at a 30 degree angle. 
  3. Start with a slow, smooth stroke going with the grain 
  4. When looking for a precision line, comb the beard hair and pull on the skin with one finger to get a closer trim.
  5. Re-apply shave butter when necessary 


Formula T Shave Butter 
Shave Butter

The safety razor, a classic safer shave

Why is it called a safety razor? Because it was the razor that came after the straight razor which had the blade generously exposed. The safety razor has the same form as the razors we're used to seeing. But instead of a bunch of dull fixed blades, the safety has a super sharp replaceable razor.



Shave Butters and Creams

Leave the foaming shave cream to your barber. When you're shaving and lining your beard up at home, use something a little more luxurious. Shave butters and creams have come a long way in the last few years and they make your weekly lineup an amazing experience. They moisturize, soften the skin and hairs pre-shave and smell great. 



About White Spade Beard...

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Nick Sky
Nick Sky


Nick is the founder and Head Beard at White Spade Beard

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